Early Boyle & Gamble Mfr. Confederate Enlistedmans Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

 Boyle & Gamble Mfr. Richmond, Va. enlisted mans Cavalry Sword & Scabbard from the American Civil War. Boyle & Gamble out of Richmond , Va. produced arms for the Confederacy during the CW. This example measures 40" overall with a 34 1/2" slightly curved blade & 1 3/16" width at the hilt. The sword has the out of the attic dark patina. The sword & scabbard has been in the attic or outbuilding for a very long time. Classic Boyle & Gamble characteristics or even earlier Burger Bros. mfr. out of Richmond which has been indicated that Boyle took a lot of their characteristics on their swords from Burger Bros. Brass counterguard has the cupped design on bottom & standard branches. Pommel cap is oval, plain design & as on counterguard dark patina. Wood grip has around 45% of the original leather wrap intact. Single strand solid brass wire wrap is all intact. Hammered slight curved blade has never been cleaned & has all the original from the Civil War dark brown patina with S&P rusting throughout. Metal scabbard has the same dark patina with s&p rusting overall & has never been cleaned. Brass hangers with iron rings intact. Standard CS mfr lap seam in scabbard with no dents & fits this sword like a glove. This sword has no markings but has the Boyle & Gamble characteristics. There are pictures of a CS Cavalry Sword with same style of wrappings in Crouches Civil War sword book & he listed it as a Virginia made sword. This is a true Virginia made Confederate Cavalry sword & scabbard which there is no doubt saw the elephant during the CW & has never been cleaned & is just as it was put away after the war.