Early Civil War Confederate Officer's Sword w/Union Blade & CS Leather scabbard

Nice example of an early Confederate officer's sword & Scabbard probably made at the beginning of the CW. Pure Confederate made brass guard, knucklebow & pommel with wood grip. A Schnitzler & Kirschbaum, Solingen, slight curved blade with US Navy motifs, Eagle on Cannon, fouled anchor, ribbon with USN. On the other side of blade is maker (S&K), anchor with star & shield, Stars & flags with USN on one. Blade is in nice used condition with very little surface rust at hilt. Crude casting on this brass guard  & high lever of copper showing from casting. Flaws in casting on knucklebow & guard & quillion. The floral cutouts in guard are crude  & look like the same work done by James Conning during the war. Wood grip with no leather or wire. Peening on pommel cap has been there forever. The original leather Navy Sword scabbard has the Confederate top stitch threading & is together except for a very short area. The brass drag, throat & middle hanger have great patina. This type sword could have been made, as a lot of the CS  sword makers did, at the beginning of the war & used whatever blades & parts they had to sell to CS Officers & to get the needed weapons out as fast as they could.  It also could have been a US Naval officer who became a Confederate naval officer after the war began had a Confederate hilt & scabbard added to his sword blade. A really unique Civil war Confederate Naval Officer's sword & scabbard.