Early Civil War Four Screw, Martial M1860 Colt Army Revolver, Cylinder Scene

a real nice example of the Early four Screw M1860 Colt Army revolver. This gun was issued to US gov't Troops during the Civil War & has the inspector's marks. Standard 4 screw army for attaching shoulder stock, with 8" round barrel, 6 shot cylinder, .44 cal. rev. percussion with brass trigger guardĀ  & iron back strap. Metal on this revolver smooth with great chocolate brown patina. Barrel is marked with ColtĀ  New York address & gov't inspectors initials on both sides of the barrel, BC & S. Serial no. 33960 on bottom. This revolver has all matching serial nos. Cylinder has a lot of the scene intact. You can see the ships & if you took off more of the patina you can see a lot more. Cylinder also has Patent No. 3960 & Pat Sept 10th 1850 intact. The original wedge has the serial no. & is worn. Back strap has gov't inspector's F & SN;33960. Brass trigger guard has SN: 33960 & Gov't Inspect. S. the frame has SN: 33960 & Clear Colts Patent. The original Wood grips in good used condition with outline of the Gov't inspectors cartouches clearly intact on left side also which is very interesting on bottom of grips is cut out for the leather Lanyard strap. The union regulations wouldn't let the US troops do this & has been seen on a lot of Confederate used revolvers of all kinds. The strap would wrapped around soldiers wrist so if something happened that he wouldn't lose his revolver. The strap was quite common on Cavalry Soldier's revolvers. The action is good on this revolver. A real nice 4 screw M1860 Colt Army revolver which possibly seen CS soldier's use.