CW Era, Great Condition M1849 Colt Pocket Revolver

Really nice condition on this .31 cal. 6 shot M1849 Colt Pocket Percussion Revolver with 5" Oct. Barrel. Serial no. is 211499 which came out of Colts Factory in 1862. Oct. Barrel with what is called one line New York Address which is very clear & SN & has a good amount of original bluing intact. Loading lever dark & has Sn. Cylinder has some bluing & has near 100% of the Stagecoach holdup scene intact with Colts Patent No. 11432 & in Colts style nos. 1499. This is unusual but has colt nos. & Colt did a lot of things when he sold his colts. Some of the safety pins still intact. Action is excellent. Brass, large Trigger guard & back strap has traces of the original silver finish intact & has sns. Nice Walnut wood grips in great condition with a lot of the original varnish intact & has serial no. 1499 inside. A really nice condition Civil War Era Colt 6 shot .31 cal. Pocket revolver with 5" barrel.