Early Naval Cutlass made into a Fierce Fighting knife With Sheath

Large Early, American Style Naval Cutlass which looks to have been made into a Fierce Fighting Knife. Knife overall is 22 1/2" with a 18 1/4" L X 2 1/8" at the widest spear point Blade. The handle is definitely off of a Early, even around the Revolution war, American style Naval cutlass. Guard is metal with roundish counterguard & large solid backstrap. Round wood grip with great patina. The blade is either a cutdown longer cutlass or is a blacksmith made blade which had been sharpened at some point. No markings anywhere on the knife. It could be a blacksmith made knife blade attached to the naval guard for a Reb soldier during the CW. The leather sheath has no metal & is sewn  together on the plain back. Sheath has embossed stars, flowers, small rectangles & has a Mexican look & fits the knife perfectly. A really fierce looking fighting knife with leather sheath