Excellent 4th Model Civil War Era E. Whitney Navy Revolver

Really nice condition on this E. Whitney 4th Model 2nd type Navy Revolver. Standard Whitney navy with a little over 7 1/2" oct. barrel in .36 Cal. percussion  with 6 shots. The color on this revolver is just the way we want with deep chocolate. plum patina with smooth metal.  This Whitney came out of the factory in 1862 with serial no. 13287 which is all matching. The serial no.  is found on the cylinder, loading lever & on back of lever, cylinder rod, bottom of brass trigger guard & on the bottom of the frame with inspectors initials. Also serial no. found on inside of the two piece walnut grips with inspectors mks. The action on this revolver is excellent. Cylinder scene is light but can see the lion, some of the eagle, shield & just traces of the coat of arms. Patina on the brass trigger guard is a very mellow patina. The two piece walnut grips are great with most of the original varnish intact. Can see a little color on the hammer & color on the loading lever & rammer. These Whitney Navy revolvers were used by both Northern & Southern troops during the CW. They were immolated by Confederate gun makers during the war. A really nice example of the popular, during the CW, E. Whitney Navy Model Percussion revolver.