Civil War Era, Cased, E. Whitney Percussion Pocket Model Revolver  Beyond Excellent Condition.

Really Beyond Excellent, Wood Cased Percussion E. Whitney Pocket Model Revolver with 5" Oct. Barrel. & implements in the case. 3rd Type Whitney percussion revolver with tons of bluing intact, strong action, probably wasn't shot much. Standard Whitney .31 cal. 5 shot revolver with excellent cylinder scene which is all intact, 100% & has the colt wedge style loading lever latch. Serial no. 28154 which was mfrd during the Civil War, is all matching & is on the bottom of barrel, loading lever, Cylinder, Frame under Trigger guard & on the Trigger guard & on inside of both wood grips.5" Oct. Barrel has a lot of original bluing intact & has E.Whitney N Haven on top & Sn. Loading lever still has case hardening intact & SN. Trigger guard & back strap still has a lot of the original silver finish intact. Action is very strong. Cylinder still has all of the Eagle, Shield, lion Modif & Naval engagement still intact & most of the original bluing. Screws on this revolver haven strong bluing intact. Two piece wood grips have a lot of the original varnish intact & has the Sns. Wood case has the look of Italian marble & looks to be period.. Has red inside with blue outlines which was probably put on later. Very early hinges & bottom of box show wear. The implements are a nice brass powder flask with floral motifs, Wood handle long cleaning rod & Bullet mold for both rd ball & conical .31 cal. bullets. Area with lid has a few of the .31 cal. bullets inside. A really excellent Cased Whitney in really great condition with beautiful case & implements.