Excellent Civil War Trenton Contract M1861 Perc. Rifled Musket, NJ Surcharged

Excellent CW Trenton M1861 Percussion Rifled Musket with N J surcharged markings. Hodge & Burton at the Trenton Locomotive & Machine Co. Trenton, NJ mfrd these musket under gov't contract 21995 muskets. This musket in excellent used condition with all the original correct parts. Metal is smooth with great aged mellow patina. Lock plate is markedĀ  with American Eagle, U.S. Trenton & behind the hammer 1863. TheĀ  barrel is marked with 1863 on top at breech. Clear VP Eagle head & on side N J surcharge. The original rear sight & front sights intact. Original & correct ramrod. Wood stock in great used condition with inspectors cartouche (light letters) on left side of stock & just the outline of the other cartouche is visible. The soldier who had this musket nicely carved the Letter F right above the wrist of stock & again just before the butt plate on back stock. Stock has normal use dings & has a great patina. Butt plate has standard US clear. Stock has what looks like initials before the trigger guard on bottom of stock. Sling swivels are both intact. Action is still tight. A really nice example of the M1861 CW rifled musket by Trenton with CW N J surcharge.