Excellent M1833 US Dragoon Sword/Scabbard, Ames, 1839

Really excellent condition on this US M1833 Dragoon Sword & scabbard manufactured by Ames Mfg in 1839. This cavalry sword was the US Gov't cavalry sword before the M1840. Sword was made similar to the British M1822 sword. Slightly curved blade with quill back. Blade is 34"L X 1"w. Nice condition with no dings, smooth metal with nice mellow patina. Blade is etched with N.P. Ames Cutler Springfield 1839 in script & clear. The other side if the blade has Floral with script United States also very clear. Wood grip covered in original 100% black leather wrap & all the original coil wire wrap intact. Brass ferrule & brass backstrap & birds head pommel decorated with rings. Guard has two branches, brass quill ion with disc & inspector WS (William Smith, civilian inspector) & on front of guard MPL (Maj. Mason P. Lomax, Inspector). All the brass parts have a great mellow patina.  Steel scabbard which was browned & most of the browning is still intact on this sword. Scabbard has flare throat, large drag with rings & hangers intact. Scabbard has only one dent & it may have been put there on purpose to keep sword from rattling.  A really excellent example of the M1833 Dragoon sword which were used in the Mexican war & also in the Civil War in which a great number of these swords were used in the south as a lot of them were in militia units & in state arsenals.