Excellent M1861 Civil War Savage R.F.A. Co. U.S. Contract Rifled Musket

A  really nice, all original, Savage M1861 rifled .58 cal. 3 band Musket. The Savage Revolving Fire Arms Co. of Middletown, Conn. furnished 25,000 of these muskets to the US Gov't 1862-64 during the American Civil War. This regulation musket is a percussion single shot with a 40" round barrel, 3 barrel bands & cleanout screw in the bolster. Musket has the original ramrod with tulip shaped end & swelled shank. The lock plate is marked with Savage. R.F.A. Co Middletown. Con. & the US spread wing eagle above U.S. Behind the hammer on lock plate is 1863. All markings & eagle are clear. The barrel is clearly marked V P & Eagle head. On the side of barrel below the Eagle head is Gov't inspector's initials LD & on top of barrel at breech is 1863 which is not as clear as the other mks. as it is below the nipple & hammer area & has some light S&P action. The barrel metal is smooth except for the area around the breech which is light & all the barrel has a great gray patina. Both the front & real sights are intact & in good condition. There are inspectors mks also on bottom of barrel. The three barrel bands have the U intact & also all have gov't inspectors initial B. The trigger guard also has the the B. The butt plate is marked clearly with the U.S. & also has the B. Plate is smooth metal with nice mellow patina. Both the sling swivels are intact. The action on this Savage contract musket is excellent. The walnut stock has a excellent patina & has the normal use dings but no breaks. It does  have a small  period gouge at the middle barrel band. On the left side of stock are two US inspectors cartouches. One is very clear the other is not as clear. There may be some small soldier's initials below that cartouche. This is a very excellent M1861 Savage Civil War Rifled musket. I hope my pictures does it justice. It would be very hard to find a M1861 musket this good.