Civil War, Unique, Triplett & Scott Civil War Repeating Carbine

A very unique & in excellent condition a US Gov't  Triplett & Scott repeating carbine made for Ky Home guard. Carbine made by Meriden Mfg Co. , Meriden, Conn. in 1864-1865. The total made was 5000. There were 3000 rifles & 2000 carbines made. This carbine has the quite scarce 22 inch round barrel  with pinched front sight in .52 caliber Rim fire same as the spencer rifle & carbine. These carbines have a 7 shot magazine. The carbine has a unique loading system where you push down on the button by the hammer & rotate the barrel around to the magazine which pushes shell into breech. You rotate the barrel back to the catch & you were loaded. These carbines were made to arm Ky home guards to protect  Gen. Sherman supply lines when going to Atlanta Campaign but they came back to Ky to late. These guns were actually made by Charles Parker who had the Meriden Mfr. Co. & after the war he was co founder of the US famous shotgun Firm who made Parker shotguns. This example of the Triplett & Scott has smooth metal with a lot of original bluing on the barrel, breech, trigger guard, rear sight & barrel band. The breech is stamped on left side with a clear Kentucky.  Back part of the breech is case hardened & on left side is a lot & stamped with Meriden Mnfg. Co. Meriden, Conn., right side has traces of case.. The tang is marked clearly with Triplett & Scott Patent Dec.6 1864. M stamp on breech along with serial no. 3557. Wood stock is in great condition with very few use dings. The area of wood over the 7 shot magazine which always has a crack has a small crack. Most of the time they are cracked a lot worse. Action is excellent & rotating barrel action is very smooth. At the very back of back stock is a small inspectors cartouche on the left side. Both swivels are intact on butt & bottom of back stock.  A really unique & scarce made for the Union during the CW an excellent conditioned Triplett & Scott repeating Carbine.