First Edition, 1933, Book, Mein Kampf

Excellent first edition, in German, copy of Adolf Hitler's Book Mein Kampf. This book was first published in 1926 & then published the same year that Hitler was on Jan. 30, 1933, appointed as the Chancellor of Germany by Hindenburg & the sales of the book soared. This book is numbered on inside front cover (2699) also numbered on title page & last blank page. The book is covered in blue cloth with clear German Eagle & German Emblem on front cover in gold & on the spine title in gold is Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf. The cover is VG condition with only a very small area on bottom with wear from standing up. Top pages are stained in blue. Book has firm binding & the interior is clean with nice pages throughout.  There is German Stamps on title page, first blank page & inside blue cover. There are all of the 781 pages plus ads. The title page is dated with 1933 & also the publisher in Munich, Fraz Eher Nachfolger. Hitler's purpose in writing this book when he was in jail in 1924 was to present his goals & philosophy. His theme of superior Aryan race. He had political views & plans & talks about the capture of Eastern Europe & Russia. He then pursued these ideas when came into power. The rest is history.  Excellent, 1933 edition of Hitler's book, in German, Mein Kampf.