First Pattern M1885 Carbine Boot for Saddle, Id to Famous 7th US Cavalry

Great Indian Wars first pattern M1885 carbine boot for saddle with all straps. Used by a member of the famous 7th US Cavalry during the Indian Wars. The carbine boot is stamped with A 7  20 indicating that boot is property Co. A 7th no. 20. Beneath this is stamped with Rock Island Arsenal. All markings are clear. A frontier used carbine boot showing used but is still supple. One boot strap is smooth with wear on back & the other has some flaking with both buckles in good condition. The suspension strap in good used condition with flaking & solidly connected & has the gov't inspectors initials AH at the end. This carbine boot was used on the frontier & was used for the Trapdoor carbine 45/70. The leather on the boot itself is smooth showing some wear on the back side. A great example of a frontier used M1885 Indian Wars carbine boot used by a member of the famous 7th US Cavalry of Custer fame.