Great Condition Fully Functional Civil War Cannon

Really nice condition on this shoot able Civil War Cannon. Cannon has 54" barrel with a 2 3/4" sleeved bore. The whole cannon is 98" long & 5' wide from wheel to wheel. The wood wheels are 45" tall. Cannon has 1857 design fully functional carriage & has all the correct hardware with all removable locks for barrel & wheels. Cannon still has the chains, rope & both lifting poles. This piece has the two long pole cleaning sponges & has the long worm. This carriage is exactly the way the originals  were for the CS mountain rifles. Carriage has grease fitting at the wheels &  wood cross bar has metal bar in the middle to the wheels. The barrel may be an original. The barrel has been painted & I can't make out any markings on trunions or on the barrel & has a rougher style casting not smooth like the repros. The carriage is painted in the correct green paint & mostly all there.  The people who had this gun said their father told them it was an old barrel when they were using it 50 or 60 years ago. The cannon had always been kept in out of the rain & is in excellent condition. A really nice  shoot able Civil War cannon.