Gustave Young Engraved M1860 Colt Army Revolver/Holster

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A great used M1860 Colt Army revolver with Gustave Young engravings on barrel, frame, hammer, trigger guard & back strap. The engravings are of the Gustave Young style who works for Colt Mfr Co. as chief engraver from 1852-1869. Floral style with Animal faces on both sides of barrel & his trade mark of the wolf on both sides of the hammer. Engraving is still very visible with some s&p rusting in the engraving mainly on the backstrap & butt. Above the serial no. on the barrel & below the sn on the trigger guard is the E which signifies from colt that this revolver was engraved. this engraved Colt army has factory Ivory Grips with Mexican eagle & Snake on one side & has masonic symbol on the other. Grips show wear with toe missing on right side. Grips have brownish repair on one side. Cylinder has traces of scene & has  the engaged line almost all intact with a T  on top & a Z on the back.Cylinder has the Colts Patent no. xxx92 & the Pat. 1850 line intact & has some wear lines in the cylinder. Action works good. Colt Serial no. is 151992 which is all matching. Trigger guard has 44 cal.on side & sn & S. Colt Patent on left side of frame inside engraving. Revolver came with a great California style Old West holster with a narrow belt loop. Classic style & fits this colt perfectly.  Now if this gun could talk we would have a story. Gustave Young Factory Engraved Colt M1860 with Ivory Grips probably bought by a soldier in the Civil War & went on out west when the war was over & used this Colt army & holster.  A very desireable Engraved Colt Army with great California holster.