M1849 Colt Pocket Revolver w/6" Barrel with Klan markings & Name

A historic and nice conditioned M1849 Colt Pocket percussion revolver with 6" oct. barrel. 5 shot, .31 cal. Has nice varnished walnut grips. All matching serial nos. even the wedge. Sn: 68236 which came out of Colts Factory in 1853. The metal on this revolver mostly smooth with areas which have some of the original bluing intact which is turning dark. The cylinder has around 80%+ of the holdup Scene intact. The Colts Patent No. 68236 on the cylinder is very clear with a 3 stamped across from it. The scene is mostly clear except for a couple of small areas of S&P. The barrel is marked with Address Saml Colt New York City in two lines. & on bottom of barrel is the serial no.  The loading lever has 8236 sn Stamping. Wedge & cylinder rod both have the same serial nos. Brass trigger guard with nice mellow patina has the serial no. & areas of the original silver finish intact. On the side of the trigger guard by the frame is marked with G & L. Frame is marked with small Colts Patent & serial no. Brass back strap has small area of of silver finish intact & butt has serial no. which has a trace of silver finish. There is 90%+ original varnish intact on the walnut grips. Here is where this revolver gets historical. Inside the back strap channel on on the wood grip is a name which was hard to read but with the help of my camera & computer I could enlarge it enough to read "Kerry". On the butt channel on the grips is a much clearer "KKK". Both of these markings are definitely  period. Probable that this Kerry was a Confederate soldier during the War of Northern Aggression (Civil War) & the KKK "Ku Klux Klan" markings are unmistakable & this Kerry must have been in the Klan after the war. A real historical Colt 49 revolver with historical markings.