Indian Wars M1874 McCellan Saddle Girth, Second Pattern, Rock Island Arsenal

A very nice Indian Wars Girth for the US Cavalry McCellan saddle. Girth is 26 1/2" X 7 1/2"wIde. Leather is smooth & supple with some flexing  leather around the buckle on one side. The other end is good with sunrise style Rock Island Arsenal markings. This end has the large D ring with buckle & the other end which has two sets of gov't inspectors initials in the leather &  has a buckle The linen webbing has blue & buff color & show little wear. The middle of the girth has narrow strip of leather. The bottom of the girth has full leather ends in good condition & the blue & buff coloring is clear. These girths were used on the cavalry saddles through the Indian Wars & in the Spanish American War. The leather on these girths & the first model is said to have been cut from Civil War cartridge boxes & other leather items from the Civil War. A really nice Indian Wars girth for the US Cavalry McCellan Saddles.