James Bown, Enterprise Gun Works, Heavy Barrel Percussion Rifle

Nice condition on this heavy barrel Percussion half stock Rifle. Octogan heavy barrel is around .45 cal. & marked with Enterprise, John Bown & Son & very faint Pittsburg. Barrel is heavy with long rear sight & front sight is intact & has rounded muzzel.  Double set triggers which are still working. Wood half stock in good used condition with smaller brass patch box & German silver star on back stock. Pewter at the beginning of front stock along with German silver plates on stock where barrel is held. Lock plate is unmarked & has a little s&p rusting. Brass butt plate & trigger guard. Steel ribbing beneath barrel with metal thimbles. The wood ramrod with metal end looks to be original to this rifle.  This rifle was probably made in the 1860s or early 1870s. John Bown was a gun maker in Pittsburg, Pa. & started his business in parnership in 1848 & had his own business in 1860s along with his son.  Enterprise Gun works sold weapons & parts for weapons. A lot of his business went to people in the 1800s that were moving out west. A nice condition heavy barrel percussion John Bown & Son Rifle.