Japanese Officer's WWII Katana Sword/Scb. Signed

Japanese officer's wwii katana sword scb. signed files20170912 22493 1du6ghg
Price: $925.00

A bring back from WWII by American GI. A very nice example of the WWII Japanese Army Officer's Katana sword & Scabbard. Nice condition on this WWII Japanese Officers sword with some of the original finish on the thick cast tsuba & all the original spacers intact & all pieces with no. III on all pieces. The tang has the file marks & is signed by the swordmaker & also has the showa mark intact & has two holes close to each other. The nice blade has the watermarks  intact & a lot of the original finish intact. Only two small nicks on the bottom of blade which is still very sharp. Wooden handle with brown cloth wrapped over the rayskin covering intact & has single wood peg. The end cap intact & still has the cloth strap intact. Single hanger style metal scabbard still has the original brown painted finish & brass fittings which still has traces of the gilting intact. An original WWII Japanese Officer's Katana Sword & Scabbard.