Ky,Slave Group, w/docs, letters, bible,Slave Murder case. SOLD!!

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Killer, large grouping from three sisters & their families with slave documents, mortages, letters, & a famous Ky. murder case on a slave of one of the sisters. To start with a large bible printed & published by Mathew Carey 1813 with a lot of writing on different pages throughout the bible & in the middle has tamily record pages  & a written area by Anee Martin, one of the sisters. Starts with people born in late 1700s & ends with people born in 1825. The other side of the family records page has the births & deaths of the slaves starting in 1781 & ending in 1858 with 18 entries. The owner of the bible was John D. Hoy who was married to Sarah Martin another one of the sisters. In the back of the bible is concordance to the Holy Scriptures, John Brown Scotland & is hand written "I am glad of this concordance by Martin Turner who is married to Elizabeth Martin. The bible is in good used shape the first few pages are loose & have wear & the cover is missing.  Anee Martin never married & looks to have been a school teacher & later knitted socks for a living. There is a pair of her socks, which were probably her samples with knitted into the top  of the one sock "A.C. Martin 1821" & on the other "A.C.M 1821". The socks are off white & in good condition with a little staining & a few small holes in one. There is also 5 knitting needles which she made the socks & also in one of the documents is a bill of sale on items which she bought to help with her business & it also states she hired the slave Lucy, who is written on the family records page in the bible, to help her with her business. There is also a handwritten, multipaged piano music book with songs & signed by Anee 1824.  The sister Elizabeth who was married to Martin Turner is the slave owner of Thurston, the slave in which the murder trial was about. Elizabeth leased out the slave Thurston to a William Kelly who operated a vast Iron industry in lyon Co., Ky.  He also had Chinese in his labor force. In 1854 The Lyon Co. tried Thurston for murdering a chinaman at his place of work & in 1855 the jury returned a verdit of Guilty against Thurston. We don't know why but his owner Elizabeth obtained & provided defense for her slave. She hired two lawyers who were the best in that area at the time. The lawyers filed for a reason to have a new trial & they got it. There were two more trials. the next trial they ended up with a hung jury & on the third trial Thurston & in 1856 found him not guilty. I have seven of the original letters & document from the lawyers & from the Turners on payment. There is also some copies of the transcripts of the trials & a newspaper article on the trial from 1997. There are 11 original papers, docs & letters which mention the slaves & even a receipt for a coffin which was built & letter in which one Elizabeth talks about the beating of a woman slave & letter from the man to Elizabeth stating the girl was in bad heath & she should probably come & get her. There are two legal mortages & bill of sale documents on a no. of slaves that were bought. There are 60 original Documents rangeing from 1808 to the 1850s, taxe receipts, other receipts & loan papers from the sisters, their husbands & others. There are also 24 letters, mostly from Elizabelth from here sisters or sons & daughters. These letters are mainly from the 1830s to 1850s.  There are also two Guardian bonds from the state of Tn. There is a lot a original material from these sisters & their familes from the late 1700s up through 1860. I haven't read, in detail, all the letters or documents & there is a world of history from that time in these original letters & documents. I have put the main documents on the slave Thurston murder trial in a folder with plastic sleeves & also put the slave related documents & letters also in a folder to protect them. This family which most of the time lived in Simpson Co. Ky. are listed in The Douglas Register. A large grouping of history from the pre Civil War South with original papers from a rare Slave Murder Trial. Needs a  lot more Research.