Louis Haiman Cavalry Sword/Scabbard, Columbus, Ga.

An exceptional Confederate Louis Haiman enlisted mans Cavalry Sword & Scabbard. 41"+ overall sword with  a little over 34 1/2" slightly curved, Hammered blade with smooth blade & nice mellow patina. The brass branched guard in great condition with beautiful even patina. The sword has a near perfect, original painted canvas covered grip. The grip is wrapped with a single strand of iron wire. The sword  is sheathed in its all original, near flawless lap seamed original scabbard which has no dings at all & the filler was done so well that it is nearly smooth all the way down. Scabbard has the brass hangers, iron throat & iron drag with tapered ends which is all Haiman characteristics. Haiman, Columbus, Ga.  was by far the the largest maker of Confederate enlisted Cavalry swords during the War. This example of the CS Haiman cavalry sword is really in excellent condition.