M1860 Martial Colt Army Rev.& Holster, CS Captured, Paper

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Price: $2800.00

Civil War, Martial M1860 Colt Army Revolver & Holster with notarized letter from owner who bought the revolver & holster together in 1936. Standard martial M1860 Colt Army Percussion revolver with US Gov't inspectors markings. 6 shot cylinder in .44 cal. with 8" rd barrel. All matching serial no. 77951 which came out of colt's factory to the US Gov't in 1862. Cylinder still has around 60% of naval battle scene intact & has Colts Patent No. 7951 & Pat.Sept.10th 1850 also intact along with military inspectors initials. Barrel is marked with Address Col. Saml Colt New York U.S. America along with military inspectors initials on the sides & colts inspectors initial on bottom under loading lever & what, to me, is the best thing to show this revolver was used a lot in the Civil War & seen the elephant a lot. The end of the barrel has deep wear from holster use & for sure rubbing against the soldier's saddle. The frame is mkd with Colt Patent on left side, Serial no. Brass trigger guard has nice mellow patina & is mkd with serial no. & inspectors H mark. Backstrap has also inspectors H & serial no. on butt. Cylinder rod has 7951. Wood Grips in good used condition with Military inspectors cartouche with initials intact on left side. Also on wood grips is cut outs on the butt to accomodate a lanyard & two notches on the sides. These cuts were not made by a yankee soldier as that would be against regulations but there was no such regs for the Southern trooper who captured this weapon. The revolver's action is very good & the revolver has a great choc. brown patina. The colt's army revolver flap holster that came with this revolver is standard M1860 style & shows a lot of use. The leather is supple & has the original flap but is missing the leather strap for closing over brass ferrule.The body of the holster shows the outline of this colt revolver that was used in this holster during the war. On the back of the holster, on the belt strap, is three original initials which I believe was the Union soldier that had the gun & holster first. The notarized letter from W. A. Dascher who owned this revolver states that this colt & holster was purchased by him in Richmond, Va. from Mr. Nat Horowitz who bought this colt & holster from Confederate Veteran in his Stamp Shop on E. Franklin st. in Richmond, Va. & that he told him that he captured this gun & holster from a Union Soldier at battle of Petersburg, Va.. Mr. Horowitz told Mr. Dascher that he bought this set in the early 1930s, during the depression, from this former Confederate Cavalryman. Mr. Dascher bought the Colt & holster for $5.00 from Mr. Horowitz & was the first gun he bought which started his Colt Collection. All of this is written on a notarized paper from W. A. Dascher. It took me some time but I may have found the Union soldier that the gun was taken from at Petersburg. The initials on the holster are A T W. I found a Arvin T. Whelan who was an officer in the Michigan 1st Sharpshooters & who was wounded at Petersburg battle & was a Surgeon. I just don't believe the confederate soldier put his initials on the holster but I did find two Confederate cavalrymen with these initials & one did live in Richmond after the War. A really neat Confederate captured & used martial M1860 Colt Army Revolver & flap holster.