M1888 US Trapdoor Rifle, Martial, Span Am SOLD!!!

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Price: $1 200.00

Nice, Spanish American war used M1888 Springfield US Trapdoor Rifle with the sliding ramrod bayonet.  The last of the trapdoor military rifles in 45/70 with serial no. 550314. This Springfield saw service in the Spanish American war in the 21st US Infantry regiment which saw action at battle of Santiago & San Juan Hill & is possible the gun saw action the next year in the Phiippine Insurrection as the 21st was sent there in 1899.  The 21st was on the left flank when Roosevelt went up San Juan Hill.The rifle is marked on left side of stock 21. No.15 & GN. & on top of comb of stock in front of butt plate 21st & I & oval inspectors cartouche on bottom of backstock behind the triggerguard. The rifle had three strips on backstock which read "Found in 1927, German Turner Hall, Braddock Pa" in which I took off & have on info papers. According to millitary records the regular army, at that time, recruited heavily in Pa. with men enlisting in the 21st U.S. Infantry. The rifle is in very good, used condition with normal use dings on stock with no breaks or cracks. The blueing on the gun has mixed blueing turning black on barrel, lockplate, buttplate, barrel bands, ramrod & triggerguard. Some blueing intact on inside of breech when you open the trapdoor & still some bore. Action works excellent. Lockplate has clear Eagle & US & Springfield. Top of breech block marked US Model 1884. Barrel marked with VP, Eaglehead, P & on top of barrel is A. Left side of stock has large inspectors cartouche with iniitals & 1892 in a square. Buffington rear sight & front sight intact. Buttplate  has US & has the cleanout door intact. Sling swivel on triggerguard & stacking sling swivels on barrel band are intact. The last of the U.S. Trapdoor single shot, big caliber, blackpowder longarms & was used in the Spanish American War & maybe the Phillipine action.