Mansfield & Lamb Contract Civil War US M1860 Cavalry Sword/Scabbard 1864

Nice condition on this Civil War used Mansfield & Lamb, RI contract on the US Model 1860 Cavalry sword & scabbard. Nice smooth slightly curved blade with great color & marked U.S C.EW 1864 on the ricasso of blade & on the other side in oval a Clear Mansfield & Lamb Forestdale, R.I. Brass guard, pommel & cap in good condition & shows CW use. Peening on top of cap shows blade has never been tampered with. Nice used condition on the complete leather cover on wood grip along with all the twisted brass wire wrap intact. Orginal throat washer also intact. Steel scabbard in good used condition with rings intact. A nice condition on this US Cavalry used in the war M1860 Light Cavalry Sword & scabbard.