Marx, Zorro, Toy Hat, Mask & FL Cap Pistol still on Board

Marx  zorro  toy hat  mask   fl cap pistol still on boar files520170912 10618 1p7yvpr
Price: $325.00

A near mint Toy Set from the TV Show Zorro starring Guy Williams. This set is around 1959-1960 When Disney had the Zorro show. I don't believe this set has been played with & is still on the Cardboard Back with Zorro, Walt Disney Prod., Marx Toys , etc printed on front. Flint lock pistol is perfect & still shoots, Mask is excel & still has elastic & the Plastic hat doesn't look like was ever used & has Zorro & Horse on the front & chin strap. A really nice Zorro TV show Play set with FL pistol, mask & Hat.