Old West Tintype, 3 Cowboys, NEED HELP!!!

Very interesting image of 3 cowboys in the Old West. Definite Old West in the 1870s-80s. The cowboy on the left strikes a close image of Tom Ofolliard, Billy the Kids friend. The man standing on the right also looks familar to an old west character. The man sitting down is hard to get a good look at his face as there is a black smudge over his mouth. The back drop in the image looks like the pics you saw in some of the old west establishments. The man sitting down is setting on some kind of hide. Have showed this image to a few people & some say it is Tom Ofolliard & maybe the man standing on the right is the Kid. It is very hard to get firm identification on these old tintype images. If someone has any idea on this image let me know.