Original CDV, Confederate Jerome Clarke/Sue Mundy

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Right out of his home town of Franklin, Ky.  in an old shoe box of pictures from the Family of Granny Hopkins by her granddaughter trying to identify any members of her family was this well used CDV image, in good solid shape, of Sue Mundy in Guerrilla uniform & holding a colt 3rd Model Dragoon revolver.  The granddaughter has an uncanny resemblence to Jerome Clarke & had to be related to her family in some form. Marcellus Jerome Clarke lived in Franklin, Ky as a child & was brought up by his aunt. He joined the Confederate 4th Ky infantry in Aug. of 1861. & also had service in the Issaquena Ky light Artillery battery. He was captured at Ft. Donelson, Tn. & was sent to Fort Morton Prison. Clarke along with others escaped the prison. He joined up with Capt. James E. Cantrell of the 5th Ky Cavalry in Gen. John H. Morgan's command. According to the book on Morgan by Basil Duke Clarke was an artilleryman. After Morgan was killed in 1864 Clarke went back to Southwest Ky. & along with others went Guerrilla. His unit was played havoc on Union supply areas & with Union troops in a 100 mile radius of Louisville & when Quantrill came into Ky. Clarkes unit was in several engagements with him. At this time Newspaperman in Louisville, George Prentice, starting following & writing about the Confederate guerrilla who was giving the union troops such a hard time & called him Sue Mundy. This name attached to Clarke who wore his hair long & other guerrilla soldiers who had been causing both Union forces & civilians in state a lot of trouble.  On March 12th 1865 Clarke & two other soldiers were surrounded in a barn near Brandenburg, Ky  by about 50 ot the 30th Wisconsin. After a brief shootout  Clarke & the others surrendered. They were taken to Louisvile & after a quick trial of Clarke who was tried as Sue Mundy & convicted of killing helpless prisoners. He was hanged at 18th st & Broadway.  Clarke asked to have his body sent to Franklin & to be buried next to his family by his Aunt. This was done & in 1914 members of the local United Confederate Veterans had him exhumed & reburied in the Greenlawn Cemetery in Franklin where he is today with a small CS battleflag above him.
Clarke must have liked having his picture taken. There are at least 6 different images of him. This image which was more than likely in his pocession & was given to someone in his family. Clarke is wearing a guerrilla type uniform with slouch hat turned up on one side. This image had to have been taken after the Battle of Cythinia, Ky in 1864 with Morgan as Clarke got wounded in the hand. In this image looks like one of his hands was a little deformed. The image is very clear & has a couple of crease lines near the bottom. The edges are rough around the CDV & has no backmark. According to another researcher this may be one of two of this image out there. One is at the Ky Historical Society in Frankfort, Ky. The history on Jeorme Clarke/Sue Mundy is very interesting & a lot more than I have written here. This image is not for sale at this time.