Original Civil War Confederate Palmetto Armory Wm Glaze SS Pistol

Original William Glaze  Columbia, South Carolina made Palmetto Single Shot pistol. These guns originally made in the 1850s for the South Carolina Militia. These M1842 pattern percussion pistols, muskets, M1841 pattern rifles & M1840 cavalry swords & light artillery swords were made at the Palmetto armory in South Carolina which originally known as the Palmetto Iron Works. When the War broke out these weapons went into the Confederate South Carolina troops. this model 1842 Palmetto single shot pistols were brass mounted, percussion smoothbore barrels of .54 caliber & were originally browned. On the side of the barrel marked with Wm Glaze & Co. & on top of barrel at the breech was mkd with V, P, Palmetto tree. The lock marked with circular legend Palmetto Armory S*C surrounding the Palmetto Tree. The letters  al & me in Palmetto ar in armory are conjoined at the bottom. At the back of the lock plate is Columbia  S.C. 1852. Inside the lock plate is a punch & on the back of the barrel is marked with A 1 & the same on back of the tang. This Palmetto armory Single shot pistol is in good used condition. Metal barrel,  lock plate, Loading lever with swivel  & hammer all have nice gray patina. The V marking is clear, correct palmetto tree is mostly there & part of the P proof mark is intact. The William Glaze & Co. marks on side of the barrel is clear with small amount of rusting over the Co. The lock plate marks are mainly clear with with slight rusting at some of the different letters. The palmetto tree mainly clear. Columbia marks at rear of hammer mainly clear. Brass trigger guard, back strap & butt plate & barrel band, side plate which has file mks,  has a nice mellow patina. Wood stock has small amount of gloss with normal use dings & one very small crack on handle portion & shows burnout below the nipple area. This is common & a well used pistol. The ramrod is smooth & the swivel has a little play. These pistols saw a lot of use throughout the war. These pistols are Southern made& are from the state that started the CW & who led the south in sucession. These horse pistols are just as confederate as a Leech & rigdon or Griswold revolver. This Palmetto pistol saw lots of use in the war & still is good used condition.