Original Civil war Confederate Richmond, Va. Mfr C.S. Robinson sharps Carbine

All original C.S. Robinson Sharps manufactured in Richmond, Va. for use by the Confederate Gov't Cavalry troops. Carbine is percussion, .52 cal. with a 21 1/2" round barrel, 38 1/2" overall. These C.S. Robinson sharps were made early in the Civil war & all saw a lot of use. C.S. Robinson made around 2000 of these carbines & very few have survived in the original complete condition as this one. The Confederate Gov't took over the manufactory of these carbines in 1863 & made them towards the end of the war. The metal on this carbine has a s&p finish with looks like  a good amount of the original brown finish on the barrel, lever tang, etc. Inside the barrel you can still see the rifling. Serial no. 700 is on the rear of lock plate, tang behind breech & on bottom of the barrel. The lock plate is marked with S C Robinson/Arms/Manufactory/Richmond Va/1862 & 700. The top of the barrel has still some of the SC Robinson readable in front of the fixed rear sight. There is just a trace of the Richmond Va 1862 behind the rear sight. The action still works good on this Confederate carbine. Original front pinched front sight is intact. The small spring retainer button is still intact but spring must be broken it doesn't come out. The flat brass barrel band has great mellow patina as well the brass butt plate. The top screw on the brass butt is corroded & I don't want to mess with it. The Robinson sharps have the long slide bar for the carrying ring & is mounted on long metal plate which is intact & has some of the original browning intact. The sling swivel mounted on the bottom rear of back stock is intact. The wood back stock is in good used condition with normal use dings as well the wood forearm & forearm still have barrel band spring intact. The bottom of the forearm has the half moon cutout at the breech. These were cut out because some of the carbines would drop black powder down the back of the breech block & some would later ignite blowing out the back of the forearm. This Robinson sharps still has the original Robinson breech block  & lever. The original hammer on this carbine at some time was welded. This Confederate C.S. Robinson sharps is in very good condition & is all original & complete.