Original Civil War Grimsley Artillery Valise Saddle

An original Civil War used Grimsley mfr. US Artillery Valise saddle. These saddles were used for the artillery driver for the cannons  & were set up for carrying his valise for his personal items & clothing. These also were used by some officers for their personal items. The grimsley valise saddle was mounted on the off wheel horse. The valise would be strapped down on the seat of the valise saddle. There are 4 foot loops on the side bars. The iron hook is still intact on the front of the front pommel face. The actual loop has the attached short riveted strap. The loop was for holding the reins. This Grimsley Artillery Valise saddle used on the cannon horses was used & is still in good used condition. This saddle has the quilted seat which is in good used condition. Front pommel has the original small plain shield. The inside of the back cantle has the artillery brass shield with the artillery intertwined USA intact. The brass pommel & cantle covers have good mellow patina. Side bar leather is still in good condition with the foot loops. The front hook & strap intact & back of cantle has strap attached with roller buckle  has the small brass shield intact. The longer black leather skirts are in good used condition with straps. The belly straps are missing. Leather is mostly supple with areas where the leather has shunk & small area where small leather pieces have come off. The look is excellent on this US Civil War Artillery Valise saddle. These saddles were used every day in the war & were at all the major battles. A very nice CW used Example.