Original Confederate L. Haiman & Brother Cavalry Sword/Scabbard

Classic Example & uncleaned of  a Louis Haiman & Brother Columbus, Georgia made Enlistedman's Cavalry Sword & Scabbard. This CS cavalry sword in the scabbard is 43 1/2". Sword has crude 3 branch guard, dark with high copper content in the brass as well the pommel & cap which has off center peening on top. Wood grip with oil cloth cover is 90%+ intact as well the single iron wrap which is all there. Slightly curved, hammered sword blade with flaws which is dark, uncleaned & has small areas of rusting. . The blade is 35 3/4"L & is 41 1/2" with hilt. Sheet iron scabbard with wrap around seams which are leaded. Brass with high copper content hangers with iron rings. Scabbard has a few dent, a couple look to have been made on purpose. Iron drag & throat on the scabbard is not there. There is no doubt on this CS cavalry sword being made by L. Haiman & Bro. Georgia & some Confederate cavalryman used this sword during the Civil War & never has been cleaned at all. Still has 158 years of original patina intact.