Original M1859 Prudden Contract CW Used, US Troopers Cavalry Saddle W/Saddle Bags

Original Civil War used C. Prudden Mfr. 1120 Noble St.  Philadelphia made Enlisted mans cavalry Saddle in good used condition. Mfrd 1864 with makers brass tag on front left side bar. Rawhide seat in good used condition with normal seam separation mainly at bottom of tree. Brass coat straps plates intact with unusual lead plate on front of cantle?? Leather skirts in good used condition, supple, with normal use dings. This saddle has the spaded D rings for quarter straps & belly straps. The front of pommel either shows battle damage or where horse fell. Small parts of original brass coat strap plate intact as with part of the rawhide. Have had saddles like this before & usually is because of battle damage. Saddle has the original pommel brass shield with 11 Inch Seat stamping. Front barrel staples & rings intact. Back has one staple & ring intact the other side missing. Leather belly strap on left side mainly intact shows use & on the other side has remnants of belly strap. The rawhide covered tree is in good used condition & shows use. The black  leather skirts, quarter straps, stirrup straps are all in good used condition & supple. This saddle has a soldier field modification found on a lot of Civil War McCellan saddles. Soldiers would cut the bottom portion of the Leather hoods on wood stirrups so that the boot toe could protrude through the hood. This gave them more stability in the saddle or so they thought. Most are crudely cut in the field as this one is. This modification shows this saddle was used a lot during the war. Along with this US McCellan Saddle is a pair of original M1859 McCellan Saddle Bags. These saddle bags seen the elephant to as they are in well used condition. The buckles & straps are missing, the rest is intact with some leather crazing. Loops are intact for mounting the bags to the foot loops on the saddle. This McCellan US Cavalry Troopers saddle saw use during the war. Could have been in the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Richmond, Petersburg, Etc. These original Civil War saddles are getting very hard to find in this original condition.