Original Scottish Ribbon Hilt Broadsword, 1650s SOLD!!!!

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Price: $3 900.00

Original, early Scottish Beak nose or ribbon hilt Broadsword from the 1650 Era. Full basket grip with the highland method of welding together iron strips thus the Ribbon hilt full basket designed guard.These swords saw military & use in the homeland of Scotland against the English. They also saw military usage in the French Indian Wars & into the revolutionary war & are known to have been in the colonies in America. They all mostly had German made blades. This sword is around 38 1/2" overall with a double edged broadsword blade around 32 1/2".  This sword has the three ferrules down the middle of the blade about 1/3 distance of the full blade. This one has marks of a crown  with circles around & on one side has a few letters intact. The hammered blade has grayish blade with staining throughout. The ribbon guard is in good used condition with some use dings. The upper end of the guard is joined by iron crescent which fits into the slit in the pommel. The leather covered grip is in good condition with wire.  I can't tell whether it is original or a early recover.  This is a real, very early Scottish Ribbon Hilt or Beak nose Broadsword made from, in this design, from 1650-1690s. These swords are getting very scarce & you don't see them up for sale very often.