Original WWII Japanese Type 95 NCO Samurai Sword/Scabbard

An original WWII used Type 95 Japanese NCO Samurai Sword with original Scabbard. Sword shows use but is still in Good condition. Overall length in scabbard is 38 1/4" & the blade length is 27 1/2". All of the Japanese NCO swords were numbered & this sword SN is 41345 & the matching number is stamped on scabbard. Aluminum handle construction & machine made blade. The grip wrapping & Menuki are cast formed. WWII Imperial Japanese army fittings. The hilt still retains some of the original paint showing that it was used. The tsuka is firm on the tang. Very nice condition on the blade & still sharp. The blade is marked with the serial no. 41345 & arsenal marks. The copper fuchi has the arsenal markings all clear. These early NCO type 95 Shin Gunto  swords were carried by career soldiers & were considered by many as a primary weapon.  Metal locking spring that secures the blade to the scabbard still in great condition. Steel scabbard is still in good condition with traces of the original paint still intact. this is from a lot of field use. Scabbard has one very slight dent & some use scratches. This sword was most likely one brought back by an American GI after WWII. A nice used condition all original Type 95 Japanese NCO Sword & Scabbard.