Pair of Large Variant Confederate Spurs

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Very nice example of the large & heaviest of the  Confederate spurs. Really nice patina on both spurs. Both iron rowels are intact. These spurs belonged to the same soldier as there are etchings on both spurs. Near the loop holes in back on outside on one is what looks like an eye figure & on the other side a large diagram or maybe a large Letter. On the other spur on the inside near the loops is a diagram with a T & on the other side on the outside is also a diagram & a T. The spurs are made the same but have a difference in the height on the necks & the rowels are a little different. This is not unusal as these spurs were hand made & would have some differences. The scratched in diagrams on both are for sure from the same Reb  soldier & were used together. A really nice example of the Confederate heavy pattern cavalry spur.