Palmetto Regiment South Carolina Officer's Ames Sword of 2nd Lt. John W. Stewart. Killed in Mexican War.

Really historical Officer's sword belonging to 2nd Lt. John W. Stewart of the South Carolina Palmetto  Regiment which saw very heavy fighting with Winfield Scott. The sword is an Officer's sword of the 1840s period made by Ames Mfg. Co. The overall length of sword is 37 1/2" & 31 1/2" dbl edged blade X 1" wide. Sword has pearl grips with Stewart's initial (S) gilded etched on one side. Nice used Straight dble edged blade with Ames Mfg Co  Chicopee Ma engraved on ricasso. The etching on the blade above that is floral, Stand of American Flags with rays above & more floral. On the other side of the blade is etchings of Floral, Floral with Wheel, Floral, American Spread Wing Eagle with ribbon & engraved E Pluribus Unum & above with stars, rays & more floral above. All the etchings are clear. Brass cross guard with Knights Head pommel & cap. Original chain from pommel to guard intact. Some original gilding still intact on guard & pommel. Metal scabbard in good used condition with dbl hanging rings at the top & downward single ring. Scabbard has floral engraving with triangle shape at top & at middle & drag has floral. There are traces of original gilding on the scabbard. At the top of the scabbard is (J W Steward) in script. & below that is stamped with Ames Mfg Co, part of the Chicopee is still intact & then a small Mass. 2nd Lt. John W. Stewart was in Co. L Palmetto Regt S.C. Vols. with Gen. Scott in the Mexican War. This unit fought at the battles of Vera Cruz, Contreras, Churubosco, Chapultepec & Gaita de Belon. They were first regiment to storm the gates of Mexico City in front of Santa Anna himself & first to raise their regimental flag over Mexico City. Lt. Stewart was wounded Gaita de Belon battle & later died at Rio Frio on 5 Nov. 1847. There is a large Mexican War Monument in Charleston, SC which has Stewarts name along with the other men who fell in that war from South Carolina. Have copies of Stewart Day by day report, rosters with him, papers showing when he was wounded & when he died. History of Scott's units battles in the Mexican war. A really nice Ames sword with 2nd Lt. J. W. Stewarts name on scabbard.