Pancho Villa Era,US Officer used 04 McCellan& Saddlecloth

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Price: $700.00

Nice condition on this US Gov't M1904  McCellan Cavaly Saddle with Officer's Saddle Cloth. 2nd Model 1904 Cavalry saddle with modification done by officer useing the US Rosettes on his leather hoods on his stirrups. Bronze color on metal along with better finish on saddle leather were used by US Officers at the 1904-1908 period. Leather is good & supple on this mililtary saddle with no tears. All the hdwe, foot loops, rings & staples, coat strap plates & shield intact. Stirrups straps with wood stirrups & leather, double stiched, hoods intact as are the belly straps & girth straps & sweat leathers.  The round leather safes are gov't marked with inspectors initials "EEL". Bottom of tree leather intact & had, at one time, an added cover which had been sewn on is gone now. The officer's saddle cloth of cotton duck material is the regulation M1908 pattern & has russet leather bindings which some are missing. Metal Star with American Eagle & shield are sewn into the cloth on both sides. This US Officer's saddle & saddle cloth falls into the period of the Southwest & Mexico , Pancho Villa era of operations by the US Army & cavalry. Nice condition as most of these are in bad condition as well as having the Officer's saddle cloth intact.