Prize,Battle Damaged Off. Sword, CS Lt. Lawrence ON HOLD!!!

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Price: $1 000.00

Prize of War  Battle Damaged foot Officer's Sword  POW Lt. J.R. Lawrence  1st Louisiana Inf. Battle of Antietam Sept. 17, 1862 on original GAR Tag from Hagerstown, Md GAR Post 4. Great Relic Foot Officer's sword which looks to have been hit by Artillery Schrapnel & the Confederate Lt. ended up being hit by the same & having his right leg amputated in Md. Hospital after the battle. Lt. Lawrence was in Co. I 1st La. Infantry & had been in quite a few battles before Antietam. The foot officer's sword was a pre war sword mfrd in Boston & has floral etchings going up the blade as seen on some Confederate Officer's swords. Blade is dark & still shows some etching overall & has maker near ricasso & is all there. 80% original leather grip wrap intact but no wire intact. Brass guard iis black & has part of the semi basket missing & the quillion from the hit it took in the battle. Lawrence after being captured & sent to Frederick, Md. hospital for his leg amputation was exchanged in Nov. 1862. On his muster rolls he is listed until Feb. 1865 & must have still been in the Confederate army. I have copies of his muster rolls from when he enlisted until Feb. 65. a really great prize of war Sword from a Confederate Lt. who was wounded at the Battle of Antietam.