Rare Civil War Era LeFaucheux Swivel Breech Pinfire Rifle

A rare Civil War era Swivel Breech 12MM single shot LeFaucheux Pinfire Rifle. This rifle was made in the late 1850s-1860s. Rifle is 43 1/2" overall with a 28 1/4 part octagon, part round barrel with fixed rear sight & standard LeFaucheux front sight. The barrel is marked on top E.LeFaucheux BRle SGDCA Paris. Attached to the trigger guard is an ebony wood hand rest. All metal is smooth with some original finish on the barrel. Wood stock is in great used condition with large cheek rest on back stock. Swivel breech action works great. You push on front of trigger guard & swivel barrel open for cartridge. Push back & rifle is ready to fire. Cartridge for this rare rifle is 12mm with larger casing for more powder. Really nice condition on this E. LeFaucheux swivel breech Pinfire rifle.