Rare Colt, US Martial, Single Action Army Revolver w/4 13/16" Barrel

A rarer Colt martial US Cavalry Single Action Army revolver with 4 13/16" barrel. A standard SAA revolver in .45 cal., 6 shot round barrel revolver which went to the US Gov't in 1884. When it went to the Cavalry it had a 7 1/2" barrel. I have the Colt letter on this revolver & it went to the US Gov't October 24th, 1884, one of 200 Revolvers sent. Serial no. 111844 all matching throughout the gun. This Cavalry revolver is in excellent shape with dark finish & one line Colt Hartford Ct. address on top of the barrel. On the bottom of the barrel is Serial no, 111844, inspect. initials DFC, P, & letters under the ejector housing. Cylinder has serial no. 1844, P & faint DFC. Left side of frame has large U.S. & Pat Sept 19,1871, July 2-72, Jan.19-75, & on bottom of frame DFC 111844. Trigger guard had 111844 & G. On butt of back strap has 111844 & G. On hammer channel on frame Gov't inspector initial H. On inside of original wood grip is 844 serial no. Action is Very good. According to John Kopec which has a few pages on Colt SAA Army revolvers that went to the Cavalry & then were sold to colt who cut the barrels to 4 13/16" he believes for resale. On Pages 77, 78 168-170 in Kopecs Cavalry & Artillery Revolver book gives info & pictures of these rarer Colt revolvers. Kopec believes that there were around 200 guns sold back to Colt & gives the serial no. range that these guns fall in. My revolver's sn falls second from the earliest that they know of at the time the book was written. I called John Kopec on this revolver & he seen this revolver in 1977 at a western Gun show & he has info on this gun in his records. He told me that he believes this is one of the Colt buy back revolvers that were sold back to Colt in the late 1880s. A nice conditioned Colt US martial marked SAA revolver in great condition with a rare history.