Rare, Complete 3 Piece for United Confederate Veterans Commander Uniform, 1891

Really nice example of a rare & complete 3 Piece United Confederate Veterans Commander Uniform. Made by Pettibone Mfr Cinc. Ohio in 1891. These uniforms were made for the United Confederate Veteran's which were formed in 1880s for the veterans of the south during the Civil War & became, along with the Northern veterans Society, Grand Army of the Republic, very large societies which were around until the early 1900s. This uniform is exceptional in that it is the complete 3 piece with the UCV Commander's Bullion 3 star with wreath on each side of lapels. Uniform frock coat has 16 large UCV Coat size buttons with the Confederate Battle flag, UCV & 1861-1865 on front with Pettibone Cinc. Ohio back marks. All of the buttons on the uniform are original & all are Pettibone mfrd buttons. There are 4 large Coat size buttons on back of uniform & 6, 3 cuff size buttons on each sleeve. Frock coat is a large size & has hardly any mothing at all. Coat has Green gun cotton lining in great condition with pockets & pockets in tails. Coat has striped lining inside sleeves. Coat has Pettibone tag at top & has the garment makers tag dated 1891. The same garment makers tag is in the vest & also in the pants. The matching vest with turn down collar is in great condition with very little mothing. Vest has 6 cuff size UCV buttons down the front & has striped lining, same as in coat. Back of vest has the green gun cotton material, same a coat lining, with a belt. Vest has pocket on outside & inside & has same garment makers tag. The pants for the uniform is good condition with mothing in top of pants, fly area & crouch area. The fly & crouch areas are the worse. These areas can be fixed. The rest of the pants are in great shape. The pants have black buttons for suspenders & down the fly. Pants have standard front & back pockets. Pants also has the same 1891 garment makers tag. Inside the pants on one of the pockets are some writing which looks to have the owners name but I have not been able to make it out. This United Confederate Uniform Commander's uniform with complete 3 pieces are rare to find.