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Rare, Confederate Leech & Rigdon Revolver & Holster with Name

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A rare, Early, Confederate Leech & Rigdon revolver which was mfrd in Greensboro, Georgia & came from Georgia family estate. Standard early Leech & Rigdon in .36 cal, 6 shot with 6 stop slots on cylinder. Dragoon style revolver with part round part octagon barrel, 7 1/2"L. Pin & ball loading lever latch.  Large Leech & Rigdon on top of barrel. This revolver has serial no. 457 which is the highest known serial no. with the large Leech & Rigdon without the CSA marks which came on later serial numbered guns. There are only 6 original Leech & Rigdons currently known which are in this early type genre. These guns are serial nos. 377, 399, 422, 439, 450 & this gun 457. This revolver has the serial nos. on the cylinder, frame, barrel, loading arm, latch, arbor, trigger guard & backstrap. & also on the butt of the wood grips which is a scarce feature which are found in only a few early guns. The wood grips are in good condition, great fit & have traces of the original varnish intact. The metal on this revolver is in the dark gray patina with some areas of cleaning & pitting. Revolver has traces of case colors & blueing mainly on bottom of barrel. The cylinder has numerous dings & safety pins are down on  the back from dry firing. The brass triggerguard & backstrap have nice mellow patina. On the backstrap is the name Bowden which represents the soldier who carried this weapon during the war. Early checks on this name come up with Sargent George W. Bowden of the 34th Ga. Infantry who enlisted in 1862 & was wounded in Mississippi in 1863. Bowden was from Banks county , which is only 50 miles from Greensboro where the Leech & Rigdons were mfrd. This Leech & Rigdon is in good to very good condition overall. The original leather holster that came with the revolver is sound but show repairs & has a lot of crazing. The holster looks to be of CS mfr & this revolver has been in this holster forever & has the outlines of where the revolver has been when the gun is not in the holster. Leech & Rigdon  made 1500 of this type revolver during the CW & this one has definetly seen the elephant,  A rare, named Confederate Leech & Rigdon .36 cal. Revolver. This revolver was sold in Julia auction & written up by John Sexton. I also have notorized paper from the family.