Rare, CW Battle Used Courtney & Tennant Mkd., Etched Blade, CS Navy Officer's Dolphin Head Sword, Mole

Very Rare, Courtney & Tennant Charleston, SC Marked Confederate Navy Officer's Sword mfrd by Robert Mole & Sons Birmingham, England. Great Patina on this battle used Navy Officer's sword with the small folding counterguard broke off somehow. These swords were based on the British pattern 1827 Lion head naval sword but were modified & made with Confederate devices. The design of this sword was by George T Sinclair, CSN. Sword has cast brass back strap & pommel in the form of a  sea monster. The half basket guard has the fouled anchor on crossed cannons the insignia of the CS Navy with tobacco leaves & cotton plants. The grip is covered in fish skin & wrapped with 3 wires. The nearly straight blade is etched on both sides. George Tennant went to England & purchased a lot of supplies for the Confederate Navy including navy buttons, regulation naval officer's swords & naval cutlasses. The swords were made to order by Robert Mole & Sons, Birmingham, England. These Navy Officer's swords were die stamped Courtney & Tennant  Charleston. S.C with on the other side of the blade has etched an hexagram with brass inset marked "Proof". These swords were limited during the war & not many Confederate Naval Officer's had them.
This Confederate Courtney & Tennant Navy Officers sword looks to have seen the elephant. This sword came out of England & reportedly came out of a family whose name was Low. There was a British Confederate Navy Officer by that name who was on the CS Alabama ship for a while & then commanded his own ship during the war & at the end of the war the British held his ship when he was in port there. This sword is 35 3/4" Long with a 30"Blade. The Brass guard with with the CS Navy Fouled anchor with tobacco leaves & Cotton plants are clear with great uncleaned patina. The Dolphin or Sea monster Pommel & back strap are also very clear & uncleaned. The fish skin grip cover has an aged patina & is all there. The Brass wound wire is all there but the smaller solid wire has just traces. Looks to be the original leather throat washer intact. The blade has never been cleaned & has a dark patina with very light S&P in different areas. The etching of the Confederate first National flag is clear & the stars can be seen along with anchor behind it. The etchings of the foliate spray & cotton plants are above & below the CS flag & can be seen clearly & has design towards the top of blade. On the other side of the blade is etched with the fouled anchor between two crossed cannons & below & above are etched with foliage & cotton plants & design towards the top of blade. The ricasso on one side of the sword has the rectangle with Courtney & Tennant Charleston.S.C with foliage above & below. Hexagram & foliage is dark on the ricasso on the other side of blade with clear brass Proof. The scabbard never came with this sword & was probably damaged & thrown out. This Mole Manufactured Confederate Navy Officer's sword looks to have definately seen action & the officer probably had to get a new sword. A really rare Civil War Confederate Officer's sword.