Rare,Mock Horsehead Pommel Dragoon Officer's Sword

Rare mock horsehead pommel dragoon officer's sword files420170913 5598 2czc45
Price: $3 000.00

Super Rare, Mock HorseHead Pommel, US Dragoon Officer's  Sword of the War of the 1800 to 1812 era. 38" overall Dragoon sword with 33" X 1 1/4" Curved blade with fire blueing & gilted, very clear, Etching with military modifs. Super rare iron hilt with mock horsehead design pommel cap with iron knucklebow & langets. Leather covered wood grip which is all there except for a couple of worn spots & 3 brass wire intact. one which is twisted the others plain. Really great condition on the fire blueing on blade & gold etchings which include, Floral, Military modifs such as cannons, flags, shields, lances, Dragoon on horseback, American Eagle with E Pluribus Unum, drums & head with headress. Only one small area of the blueing is worn away. There is some of the original bright finish still intact on unblued area of the blade. Sheet Iron scabbard with two carrying rings all intact & is in excellent condition with great patina. This sword came out the Armstrong Collection of Early American Swords. The sword blade was probably made in England for the American Trade, but does not have the Warranted which usually apprears on the English made blades, not sure on the rest of the sword which could have been made in the US & blade added. A really unique Mock Horsehead Pommel Dragoon sword which definelty could have seen action in the War of 1812 & later.