Repaired & Altered by CS Arsenal, M1842 Harpers Ferry Musket

A Civil War Harpers Ferry M1842, .69 Caliber smooth bore Musket that looks to have been repaired & altered by a Confederate Arsenal during the Civil War. A standard M1842 Harpers Ferry musket which was a standard 3 band musket with a 42" barrel. This musket .69 cal. barrel has been shortened from 42" to 34 1/2". The stock was also shortened & the top barrel band was placed by use of a brad instead of a spring. An repair like this on a M1842 Harpers is shown on page 444 of Dr. Murphy's Confederate Rifles & Muskets book Also on pages 443-446 gives the info & pictures of other M1842 muskets altered in the same way by the CS Macon Ga. Arsenal. This M1842 muskets shows use in the war & at some time on the end of the forearm where it had been shortened it was either hit in action or broken somehow under the forward barrel band. The break has the correct patina for the wood to have been a period break at that time. The ramrod was also shortened & shows a period shortening. The Metal on this weapon shows use & has nice uncleaned patina. The end of the barrel where it had been cut off shows the patina of being off forever. The barrel still has the VP & Eagle head at the breech & you can still read 18 on tang the rest of the date is gone. The lock plate is smooth with clear spread wing eagle & US under. Behind the hammer is marked with Harpers Ferry 1850. The hammer is good & action good & tight. The barrel bands have great uncleaned patina. The butt has also never been cleaned is darker with the US barely seen. The wood is in good used condition with the damage at the upper forearm under the barrel band. The rest of the stock is good with what looks like initials carved into it & an Oval. Both of the swivels are still intact. The narrow 1842 side plate is smooth with nice patina. A CW used & CS repaired smoothbore, M1842 Harpers Ferry .69 cal. musket.