Smith & Wesson No.1, 2nd Model Tip Up Revolver, Deluxe Finish, & Ivory Grips, Civil War Era

An excellent example of the No.1, 2nd Model S&W tip up revolver which was very similar to regular no.1 Smith. The side plate is larger than the first model & irregular shaped. The Frame is flatter. The hammer is one piece on this revolver. These  S&W revolver were made between 1860 - 1868. Serial nos. between 12000 & 120000. This revolver is an earlier one with serial no. of 15991. 85-90% Silver/Nickel finish intact & has factory Ivory grips with the serial no. 15991 penciled in. These guns were in .22 Rim Fire short caliber. Barrel is marked: Smith & Wesson Springfield. Mass. Blued cylinder marked Patented Apr 3. 1855 & July 5. 1859. Action is great on this revolver. Tip up is usually wiggly but this one is very tight. There is a 5 & side ways 5 Stamped on the cylinder & under the grips on handle. Really nice factory two piece Ivory grips with SN inside. All screws are original to the gun & the original front sight is intact.  A really nice S&W Tip up revolver with Silver/nickel finish & Ivory Grips which was in the Civil War Era