South Carolina Marked M1810 French Converted to Percussion Cavalry Pistol

Early M1810 Napoleonic war Converted to percussion French Cavalry Pistol in .69 cal. Left side of Stock has S C & a word under which I cannot read. Pistol has been converted to percussion & is like the guns converted by southern makers just before & at the beginning of the Civil War. The hammer on this pistol is like the ones that were used by Baker from North Carolina who converted pistols & muskets for the south during the civil war. Barrel & all metal parts have a great dark brown patina. The brass Trigger guard, butt & nose cap have a nice mellow patina. There is no markings on the lock plate other than the number 77 in two places. Nice used wood stock with no breaks. Left side of is marked 16, S C & long word which I can't make out. This pistol was made by the armory at St. Ettenne France & has the markings on top of barrel MRE AN9. & has the 1810 date on barrel. French inspectors mks on various parts of the pistol. Left side of the stock has stamp of C.B.1810. Action works fine on this pistol. Looks to be the original ramrod intact. This pistol was probably one of the thousands of guns converted at the beginning of the Civil War for the south as they needed any kind of weapons at the beginning of the War.