Very Important Identified Civil War Grouping, Swords, Diary, Images, letter, Orders of Ensign Abner D. Stover USS Water Witch/CSS Water Witch

Very important Identified Civil War Naval Grouping, right out of the family, of Ensign Abner D. Stover of the USS Water Witch Side wheeler Gun boat which was Captured by CS Naval & Marine troops in June of 1864. Items which are listed in the photo section tells of the diary which Stover kept from the time he came on board the Water Witch in 1863 to the detailed fight when Confederates captured the ship in which Ensign Stover was wounded 5 times & detailed from the different prisoner camps, his jump for freedom from a prison train to his Exchange. The sword he had with him on the Water Witch which had his name engraved on it in which was returned to his wife from the Confederate Commander of the Water Witch & the letter he sent her. Images of Ensign Stover wearing this sword & also CDV of him wearing the other sword. Original orders to Ensign Stover while on the Water Witch. Numereous papers on the history of the USS Water Witch & CSS Water Witch. Copy of the book of the diary of an Confederate Sailor who was on the raid to captured the Water Witch & his account of the battle. Affidavit of Ownership & Provenance from the family of Ensign Stover. A rare period photo of the USS Water Witch Gun boat from photograher in Philadelphia. I have a lot of photos of the grouping other than on my site. A really historical Civil War Grouping of Ensign Abner D. Stover.