Very Scarce Civil War W.W. Marston 2nd Model Navy Revolver

Very Good condition on this Very Scarce W. W. Marston Navy Model Revolver. 6 Shot, .36 cal. percussion revolver. Plain cylinder they think were made by Whitney Co. 7 3/4" oct. barrel marked Western Arms Co. NY. Serial no. 351 which is on the bottom of the frame in front of trigger guard also found on side of loading lever 51. Metal on this revolver is smooth with nice mellow patina.  Action is very good. Brass trigger guard is of the large style. loading lever is similar to whitney navy revolver with the small round latch. Two piece walnut grips good used condition with 6 original notches cut into the wood on one side & on the other side has four notches. Cut into the left grip is a image of a woman, legs, body arms & enhanced nipples. Can not make out a head. Added some pictures of this. Enlarge them to see image better. They only  made around 1000 of these from the late 1850s into early 1860s. This Marston could have been used by either a Reb or a Yank. A great example with extras of a very scarce W.W. Marston large frame Navy model Civil War revolver.