VG Civil War Used, M1860 Colt Army Rev., military Mkd, Cylinder Scene, 1862

Really nice example of a Civil War Used, US Gov't issued M1860 Colt Army revolver. Very nice uncleaned Colt Army with nice mellow gray patina & smooth metal. All matching serial numbers except wedge which has no number & looks to have been with this Colt forever. Standard M1860 Colt Army revolver with 8" rd. barrel, 6 shot cylinder in .44 caliber & loading lever.  Action is excellent. Barrel has original front sight & barrel mkd with very clear: Address Col. Saml Colt New-York U.S. America & has sn: 68375 on bottom, Gov't inspectors initials on both sides on barrel, P & K. Cylinder has around 80% original cylinder scene, Naval battle with ships & part of the engaged line with a clear: Colts Patent No. 8375 & beneath: Pat. Sept 10th 1850.  Gov't inspectors initials on cylinder: P & K. Frame has clear: Colts Patent on left side & on bottom 68375. Nice mellow color on brass trigger guard with 68375 & initial: E. Iron back strap has initial: F & on butt 68375. Cylinder rod has the SN: 8375. Wood grips in good used condition with Gov't inspectors cartouches visible on both sides. This Army Colt came out of the factory in 1862 & went directly to the US Gov't.  This Colt Army has a really good Civil War used look. These Colt army revolvers were very popular with both Union & Confederate cavalry troops during the CW. This is a really nice example of the famous M1860 Colt Army Revolver.